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Thoth (Djehuti)depicted as Baboon Composite Amulet

Pegasus Gallery Antiquities


A uncommon Egyptian light green glazed Thoth (Djehuti) amulet depicted as a baboon, Thoth standing with his arms to his side. His legs bent sat on a throne or chair. These types of composite amulets are becoming uncommon with less offerings coming to the market.

Thoth became one of the main gods in the Egyptian pantheon, especially in later dynasties. Married to Ma'at, Thoth was associated with the upholding of the universe and stood proudly beside Ra's Boat. Thoth was associated with truth & learning; especially in science, writing and medicine.

Egypt, Late Dynastic Period, 664 BCE - 332 BCE.

Good overall condition. Loss to the bottom base. Small chips on left hand side ear and right arm. 

Provenance: Coll. A. and E. Offermann, Cologne (1965-2012). - According to information provided by former owners (priv. coll. Berlin), the pieces came from the collection of a German ambassador, who was active in Cairo in the 1920's.


In ancient Egypt, amulets were carried in a variety of ways including necklaces, bracelets , rings; and most importantly among the bandages of the mummy they were made to serve.

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