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A Documented Egyptian Ushabti for Irynefer, TT 290, 19th Dynasty, C, 1200 BC.

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A well-detailed Ushabti Figure for Irynefer, a necropolis workman of the Ramesside Period. Irynefer lived in the village in the workman's village in the 19th Dynasty during the reign of Rameses II. His official title was the 'Servant in the place of truth'.

Here, Irynefer is depicted as a labourer, he is holding the two hoes to cultivate the fields of Osiris in the Egyptian afterlife. 

Irynefer's tomb is well documented in Deir el-Medina, TT 290. The tomb lies at the far end of the Western cemetery and shares the forecourt with earlier tomb of Nu and Nakht-Min. The tomb was discovered by Bernard Bruyere during the season of 1922/1923.

Irynefer is well documented at the British Museum; the most documented of these being item no. EA284. A beautiful limestone stela.

A good reference to the tomb of Irynefer can be followed here:

Size: 11.5 cm x 3.2cm Without Stand, (14cm x 3.2cm With Stand)

Condition: Repaired at the lower base. 

Provenance. Ex. Private Collection of Thomas Meryon. Purchased in April 1993,  from Raymond Slack and Shirley Warren (BADA , LAPADA). This Ushabti was also seen and fully authenticated by the Egyptologist Carol Andrews of the British Museum who described it as 'an unusually good example' and confirmed the name Irynefer and date of c. 1200 BC.

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