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Pompeii Roman Cast Lion Fitting

Pegasus Gallery Antiquities


Roman Pompeii casket fitting in the form of a lion's head; made from solid bronze, this rare and unique item would have adorned the sarcophagus of a member of the high elite in Pompeii. The item really incorporates the style and beauty that the Roman's projected with art and architecture. This item is of significant historical importance and has excellent written provenance. This item was probably one of a pair and would have been mounted to a wooden chest and used as handles. It is in extremely fine condition, depicting the form of a lion's head. The chased detail clearly shows the eyes, ears, mouth, and mane. You can also see the remains of the three iron mounting studs which are still intact, and would have fixed the piece to the chest. It is understood that there is a parallel chest-fitting to this one in the National Museum of Naples in Italy, undoubtedly made in the same Roman workshop. Also a very similar one to this came up at an antiquities auction in New York several years ago and reached a very high price. This is a very fine, rare Roman artefact in wonderful condition for an item of such great age being approximately 2,000 years old. The item comes with a beautiful polished acrylic stand for display purposes. Size: 130mm Diameter, not including the ring. Condition: Near perfect condition. A small section of colour colour to the openwork design near the handle. Provenance:  First provenance: Ex. Private Collection of Lord Cooper, Yorkshire, acquired from Pompeii in the Mid 19th Century. Discovered in Pompeii and retuned to the UK in the mid-19th century, and kept in the private collection of Lord Cooper of Yorkshire England.  Secondary provenance: Ex. Private Collection of Michael Green, Tiverton region, formed between 1980's - 2012. 

Collections: Ancient Roman Antiquities, New Items

Type: Unknown Type

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