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Phoenician Terracotta Figure of Goddess Tanit

Pegasus Gallery Antiquities


Phoenician Terracotta figure of the goddess Tanit circa 6th century BC. A very rare opportunity to acquire a documented ancient ship wreck terracotta figure of Tanit, goddess of Carthage. In the spring of 1971 a professional spear fisherman Robi Shosmos presented the National Maritime Museum in Haifa Israel, four terracotta figurines he had hauled in from the sea. The Etzonia, a research vessel was used to return to the initial find area and divers recovered a further two more figurines, and eventually more than 250 other artefacts. The site was off the coast of northern Israel near Haifa a kilometre off shore from the ancient hilltop town of Shave-Ziyyon. The Phoenician vessel was most likely on its way to or from Carthage [modern day Tunis] in the 6th century BC when it was wrecked in a storm off the coast of Israel. The statue is of hollow construction showing Tanit with her right arm raised and palm out standing on a base. The figure has marine accretions which would be expected after 2500 years under the sea, and the base has a minor repair but not distracting. Three pages of a magazine article from the 70's regarding this wreck and salvage comes with this rare and important Phoenician statue. Size: 39 x 7 cms

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Type: Unknown Type

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