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Massive Egyptian Faience Tauret Amulet

Pegasus Gallery Antiquities


An absolutely gigantic Egyptian faience amulet in the form of the hippopotamus deity Tauret. Tauret is shown with her hands by her side, sagging belly and breasts. 

Egypt, Late Period, 664 - 332 BC.

Size: 7.9 x 1.8 cms.

Condition: Excellent colour and detail still remaining. Small sections of loss on the two arms.

Provenance:  Private Collection; Agnes Barclay, formed between 1920-40 in the Home Counties.  It was passed down through the family and much was left to a nephew and niece living in Australia.  Many of the items were from Macedonald and Forman collections at Sotheby's.

Amulet being advertised is Taweret on the left. Both being sold separately. 

Collections: Archieve

Type: Egyptian Taweret Amulet

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