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Inexpensive Egyptian Faience Taweret amulet

Pegasus Gallery Antiquities


A light green glazed composite faience amulet of the hippopotamus goddess Taweret (also known as Thoeris) protector of women in childbirth.

The Egyptians observed nature and their surroundings. The hippopotamus is an extremely fierce and protective creature. We can see why the Egyptians made Taweret a protective deity on the pantheon of gods.

Egypt, Late Dynastic Period, 664 BCE - 332 BCE.

Fragment, feet missing.

Size: 23mm H x 0.8mm W.

Ex. Collection: Mary Wilkinson, Cheshire, acquired from fine art gallery in London, near the British Museum during 1970-76.

In ancient Egypt, amulets were carried in a variety of ways including necklaces, bracelets , rings; and most importantly among the bandages of the mummy they were made to serve.


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