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Greek South Italian Net Lekythos

Pegasus Gallery Antiquities

G - 001

A Greek pottery lekythos made in the Apulian, South Italian region. It is decorated with a white geometric 'net' pattern.

The body is decorated with a net-pattern of white crosshatching on a reserved ground. There is a  wave-pattern around the shoulder. There are rays on the upper neck.

The decoration is clearly inspired by vases of the Attic Bulas group of the end of the fifth and the first half of the fourth centuries. Bodies decorated with black net-patterns highlighted with white dots are extremely common, and even an occasional wave-pattern turns up which this example has.

The lekythos was used for storing oils, such as olive oil. A small example like this could have stored perfumed oil or was left as a grave good.

Complete and intact. Some surface loss on side.

Size: 14 cms Height.

Ancient Greek colonies of Southern Italy, early 4th century B.C.

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