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Fine Open-work Bes Amulet

Pegasus Gallery Antiquities


A vibrant green glazed, amulet of the dwarf god Bes standing with his hands to his stomach and wearing a plumed headrest.

Bes was a very diversely used deity used mainly as a protector of households and in particular childbirth. Bestsellers late became associated as defender of all that was good and energy of everything bad. He was commonly referred to as 'Aha' meaning fighter.

Egypt, Late Dynastic Period, 664 BCE - 332BCE.

Size 49mm H x 25mm W.

Condition: Section to the plume missing, overall very good condition, lovely vibrant green colour still remaining and detail to the face and body is in impeccable condition.

Ex. Collection: Edward Stephens, Burton on Trent, acquired during the 1950's - 1980's.

Cf. Flinders Petrie, Amulets of Ancient Egypt, London, 1994, Pl.188.

In ancient Egypt, amulets were carried in a variety of ways including necklaces, bracelets , rings; and most importantly among the bandages of the mummy they were made to serve.


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