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Etruscan Large Terracotta Youthful Male Figure

Pegasus Gallery Antiquities


Etruscan mould made bust in the Archaic style, of a youthful male with bands of curly hair to the head, curls running across the forehead, hair falling to the nape of the neck. The facial features with almond shaped eyes and heavy lids, small, slightly smiling mouth. Etruscan devotees often deposited offerings of terracotta heads, usually in the form of sytylised portraits, as gifts to the gods for favours received or anticipated. These offerings were usually deposited in special trenches within the sacred boundaries of the temple. For discussion see: Soderlind, M. Late Etruscan Votive Heads from Tessennano: Production, Distribution, Sociohistorical Context, Rome, 2002. 15cms excluding stand. Provenance: Ex. Private Collection of Michael Green, Tiverton region, formed between 1980's - 2012. 

Collections: Ancient Roman Antiquities, New Items

Type: Unknown Type

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