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Egyptian Fine Wedjat Amulet, Third Intermediate Period, C. 1070 - 664 BC.

Pegasus Gallery Antiquities


Fine, bright-blue, faience amulet of the Eye of Horus, also known by Wedjat or Ujat. The eye-brow and pupil are elevated, with a pierced suspension hole through the centre for attachment to a necklace. 

The Eye of Horus was symbolic in ancient Egypt, protecting the wearer against evil. The Eye of Horus was thought to have had healing powers against illness, and was commonly worn around the neck, on a necklace.

Egypt, Third Intermediate Period, 1070 BCE - 664 BCE. 22nd - 25th Dynasty.

Very fine condition. Intact. Excellent, vibrant blue colour remaining.

Size: 30 mm Wide x 20 mm High.

Ex. Private Collection; Peter Harris, London, Acquired on the London Art Market between 1960 - 1980's. Passed to son Alexander Harris who owned it until 2014 when it was sold to Pegasus Gallery Antiquities.

Cf. Carol Andrews 'Amulets of Ancient Egypt', 1994, pp 43 - 44.

A similar example was donated from the Polytechnic Trust to the Cleveland Museum of Art. 

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