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Egyptian Linen Cartonnage Fragment Reading 'Djed Her Mes es (Born of).......something Amun', Late Dynastic Period, C. 664 - 332 BC.

Pegasus Gallery Antiquities


An interesting Egyptian cartonnage linen fragment with very clear hieroglyphic text. At the top appears to be a name: Djed Her Mes es (Born of).......something Amun. This sort of bandage would have been placed on the body of the deceased to help his/her travel through the task in the book of the dead.

Speak the name of the deceased and that individual will live. Hieroglyphs were magical in ancient Egypt and enabled the deceased soul (Ba) to pass on to the field of Reeds. 

Egypt, Late Dynastic Period, 664 BCE - 332 BCE.

In three fragments but otherwise in good condition with nice colours remaining.

Size: 32.8cm Length.

Ex. London art dealer, acquired in 2010.



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