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Egyptian New Kingdom Stone Lotus Amulets

Pegasus Gallery Antiquities


A highly detailed Egyptian Lapis Lazuli amulet in the form of a lotus flower, surmounted with a suspension hole.

The lotus amulet was created as protection for the living and the deceased. To the living; the lotus symbol gave young women the ability to be fertile. The lotus was also used heavily in ancient Egyptian medicine and became a symbol for health, wellbeing and good luck. Even participating in one of the many creation myths where the lotus acted as a chalice bearing birth to the creator. The lotus symbolised the sun, creation, rebirth and was also a sign of upper Egypt. To the deceased, the lotus warned off evil and protection the deceased against evil wishing to destroy the mummy.

Egypt, New Kingdom 1500 BCE - 1070 BCE. 16th - 11th Century BC.

Excellent condition, no repair or damage.

Size: 17mm H  x 14mm W.

Ex. London Antiquities Dealer, purchased in 2013 from a large collection acquired at auction.

In ancient Egypt, amulets were carried in a variety of ways including necklaces, bracelets , rings; and most importantly among the bandages of the mummy they were made to serve.

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