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Egyptian Gold Cartonnage Section, Scene with Osiris as Mummy, Late Dynastic Period, C. 664 - 332 BC.

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The deceased is seen lying mummiform upon a lion formed bier. Anpu (Anubis) stands over him preparing the body. Below, under the bier, are four canopic jars. These hold the removed internal organs. The Lungs protected by Hapi, Intestines protected by Qebsenef, Stomach protected by Duamutef, and Liver protected by Imseti. To the far right we see the goddess Aset (Isis) standing at the deceased's head and before a standard representing the West (the hereafter). To the far left, stands her sister Nebhet (Nephys). Both stand with arms raised in a manner of homage, mourning and wailing. As, the deceased is becoming the resurrected! The Asur (Osiris). A standard of the East is before Nebhet. Above the group and behind Anpu, we see the deceased's Ba (soul). It is fanning him with outstretched wings. This, to give him 'an eternal breath' of life' in Duat (the Hereafter). Below this entire scene, there appear to be two lengthens of hair. These are bound and fixed. With bands/ties decorated with lotus flowers and rosettes. So, it is likely that this is a section of a larger scene. That was found below the face of the mummy's mask/face.

Egypt, Late Dynastic Period , C. 664 BC - 332 BC.

Size: 25 cms x 23 cms.

Condition: Intact. . A small sheet of hessian on the reserve to enable collector's to display. 

Provenance: Ex. Private Collection, London, United Kingdom, Acquired in the 1920's.


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