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Ptolemaic Period Kantharos, C. 300 BC.

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A very rare intact Kantharos from the Ptolemiac Period.  Designed for wine making with vine leaves decoration circulating. The pedestal base is very narrow and elegant, with white border.The Ptolemies worshipped four main deities: Aphrodite Isis, Eros Horus, Heracles and Dionysus. Vines were the sacred plant of Dionysus and his attribute. Ptolemy IV, the great theatrical advocate, himself wrote pieces and tattooed a vine leaf on his body. The Ptolemies often formed attributes of their gods to legitimise the connection of their divine descent to their dynasty.

Ptolemaic Period, C. 250 BC. 

Ptolemian vessels are very rare and not very explored. This Kantharos is intact, except the glaze is partly at the handle away.

Size: 16 cms Height x 20. 5 cms Width.

Ex. Private Collection of author Alex Malloy who published works on ancient art and antiquities. Following this David Liebert, and finally G. Bornhauser Collection, Switzerland.

Attached a reference which has been found.

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