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Fine Ancient Egyptian Sarcophagus Fragment

Pegasus Gallery Antiquities


A fine polychrome fragment from a sarcophagus, depicted on the upper left, a standing female figure between two veritical lines of hieroglyphic text, remains of a seated deity on her right, underneath on the lower left, are the remains of a winged deity, and to the right, a seated son of Horus, the baboon-headed Hapi. Remains of hieroglyphic text on the right.

Third Intermediate Period, 21st/22nd Dynasty, 1070 BCE - 700 BCE.

Fragment; stable condition. Excellent colour remaining. Stand included.

Size: 129mm H x 70mm W.

Ex. Collection: Old New Jersey Private collection. Acquired from the Harmer Rooke Gallery, New York, USA, 1970-1995.

Collections: Archieve

Type: Cartonnage

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