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SOLD 12th Dynasty Scarab from the R.H. Blanchard's Egyptian Museum, Cairo.

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A pristine Twelfth Dynasty scarab with beautiful lotus petal design. Elegantly placed in a red cardboard backing collection number details for the R.H.Blanchard collection, Cairo.

Egyptian steatite scarabs became very popular after the First Intermediate Period replacing cylinder seals and buttons. These were commonly inscribed with the names of Pharaohs. By the time the New Kingdom came around steatite scarabs were being used for high officials and the elite.

Egypt, Twelfth Dynasty, 1981 BCE - 1802 BCE. Reign of such prolific pharaohs as Amenemhat I and Senusret I.

Good condition. Displayed on red museum cardboard.

Size: 13mm H x 0.9mm W.

Ex. Collection: R.H. Blanchard, Egyptian Museum, Cairo. Acquired in the early 20th Century. 


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