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The Hans Møller Hansen Egyptian Collection

Pegasus Gallery Antiquities is proud to have been chosen to offer the prestigious Egyptian antiquities collection of Hans’ Møller Hansen to the market for sale. Many of these spectacular items were acquired in the early 1920’s.  After his parting in 1958, these ancient Egyptian artifacts were left to his daughter. These items have been in the collection of the Hansen collection for over 90 years. This collection is now being offered by sale by heir of Hans' Møller Hansen.

This superb collection houses such wonderful varieties of items, including: Amulets, Bronzes, Canopic Jar Lids, Royal Shabti Figures and Wall fragments. A few of these items include wonderful provenance, including that of the father of Egyptology, William Flinders Petrie. A few examples have been appraised by the famous Egyptologist and ADA treasurer, Peter Clayton.

These beautiful examples of Egyptian antiquities vary in age, from as early as the Old Kingdom, stretching all the way through to the Roman Period.

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