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Pegasus Gallery Antiquities are specialist online dealers in  provenanced Egyptian, Greek and Roman antiquities and ancient art. We offer a life-long guarantee that all our items for sale are genuine and exactly as described. 

Specialist online dealers in Egyptian ancient art and antiquities. We offer a wide selection of Egyptian antiquities for sale including Egyptian amulets; Egyptian bronze deity figures; Egyptian Cartonnage sections and fragments from sarcophagi; Egyptian faience artefacts (artifacts) including amulets, figures and other varieties; Egyptian gold and silver; Egyptian jewellery including Egyptian beaded necklaces, earrings and amulets; Egyptian shabti (ushabti) for sale. Our wide selection of Egyptian ancient art for sale complies with ethical trading policies collected from private estates; collectors wishing to sell collections inherited and auctions. Our Egyptians range in period dating from the Pre-Dynastic Period all the way through the Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom,  New Kingdom, Third Intermediate Period, Late Period, Ptolemaic period and finally the Roman Period.

 Each Egyptian artifact is meticulously researched before being offered for sale by using a library of resourced gathered over a 15 year period and using years of collecting experience. We are experience dealers in ancient art and antiquities and know the product we sell. Have faith you are buying from a reputable company. 

We excite, engage and educate children through school workshops, creating a new wave of passionate, fascinated, young adults, with a thirst for learning about our ancient past.

Pegasus Gallery has already worked with several groups of children during an ancient Greek theme day. Several artefacts were taken into a school in Dorset, where children were able to handle, draw, learn and ask questions about genuine pieces of history, thoroughly engaging and immersing them into their topic.

A sister company of Pegasus Gallery will be launched in the near future, detailing how educational services, workshops and activities can be provided for children in primary, middle and secondary education.

Please shop with confidence and enjoy searching our gallery pages.








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