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Roman Marble Stela Fragment with Inscription

Pegasus Gallery Antiquities

A marble funerary stela relief depicting the deceased male in a arched niche

C. 1st - 2nd Century AD.


Description: Facing frontally, the hair arranged in locks brushed to the front, possible wreath to the top. Wearing a chiton and himation, the right hand to the chest, the left by the side of the waist. To the left the small figure of a child, possibly a slave, wearing a short chiton, right hand held to face, left arm across waist, legs crossed. To the top of the niche a Greek inscription reading ‘ΦΙΛΙΠΙ...’ PHILLIPOS and possibly part of the last name. The depiction of the deceased male in a toga would indicate that he held an important position within the civil administration of the city that he lived in – possibly a magistrate. Grave reliefs of this type often show the left hand holding a scroll, indicating that the deceased was a learned man of letters. The depiction of child slaves to the side of their master is quite common in tomb reliefs from the eastern parts of the Roman Empire, and continue a trend that appeared in Classical Greece. For a similar funerary relief see The National Archaeological Museum, Athens, accession number 1301.

Size: 40cm.

Condition: Fragment relief.

  Provenance: Ex. Private Collection of Michael Green, Tiverton region, formed between 1980's - 2012.


Collections: Ancient Roman Antiquities, New Items

Type: Unknown Type

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