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Egyptian Ushabti Section for Tasa

Pegasus Gallery Antiquities


A Third Intermediate Period mummiform overseer shabti section for Tasa.

Clenched fists on the chest; each hand holds a whip. No basket. The single verticle column of inscription names the owner as Tasa.

'The Osiris, Tasa, justified!

This figure is an overseer shabti wearing a short kilt instead of the more usual projecting apron. This type of dress is seemingly only found on overseer shabtis from Tanis which might suggest a possible provenance for this figure.

No other ushaebtis for this owner appear to be recorded in the usual sources.

Egypt, Third intermediate Period

Size: 10cm.

Condition: Head missing. 

 Provenance: This piece was purchased by the heir of Hans' Møller Hansen a few years ago from a noted auction house. This collection was inspired by the interest of Hans Moller Hansen who acquired many stunning Egyptian antiquities during his visit to Egypt in the late 1920's. After his parting in 1958, many of the items in his collection was passed down to his daughter and then to her son. Many of the items in this collection have been treasured by the family for over 90 years. It is with great honour Pegasus Gallery Antiquities offers these for sale to the market.


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