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Ancient Greek Attic Oinochoe, Acclaimed to the Fat Boy Painter, C. 4th Century BC.

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A beautifully crafted ancient Greek Attic oinochoe, decorated in red figure technique showing two naked youths carrying strigils facing an older man wearing a peplos and carring a wooden staff. This form comes from Attica region and can be dated to the early 4th Century BC. This style would suggest it was crafted by the Fat Boy Painter.

Greek, Attica Region, Early 4th Century BC.

Please search the Beazley achieve for references;


Size: 18.1 cms Height.

Condition: Intact apart from very minor chips and a small repair to the handle. Some light limescale accretions. All the painting is original. There is no over-painting apart from maybe a tiny area on the handle.  

Provenance: Ex. Chris Martin - Ancient & Oriental (2010),  Acquired and currently housed in a prominent collection formed in the Buckinghamshire region.



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